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Our Practice Areas

Although The Louis Law Firm has experience undertaking various practice areas, each with its own complexities, our core practice areas include personal injury and insurance dispute litigation. Founder of The Louis Law Firm, Skinner Louis, provides informed legal solutions to individuals and businesses whose insurance claims have been undervalued or denied. Nationally, Louis has won millions for his clients in personal injury cases.

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Car, Motorcycle, and Truck Accidents

Automobile accidents are rarely as simple as they seem. With vehicular damages and possible injuries, a collision may be a scene of confusion that takes quite some time for those involved to unravel. Due to the size of their vehicles, motorcyclists and drivers of smaller passenger cars are often vulnerable and at a disadvantage when hit by larger vehicles or trucks.

Often, liability can be challenging to ascertain, especially when commercial trucks are involved and multiple parties might be responsible. Generally, no one wants to take financial responsibility, including insurance companies and commercial trucking companies. Whether negotiating with insurance agents or litigating the case in court, The Louis Law Firm works to provide you with optimal results.

Insurance Claims

Many policyholders are unaware that insurance companies are for-profit enterprises with the purpose of bringing in more money than they pay out. Therefore, providers generally attempt to avoid paying toward claims or offer insignificant amounts to reach a settlement. Most attorneys advise their clients to avoid speaking with insurance agents without adequate counsel.

In many cases, a diligent lawyer like Skinner Louis will negotiate with the insurance companies on your behalf, resulting in fair compensation. The Louis Law Firm explains complex issues while offering legal advice, advocacy, and the representation you need.

Personal Injury

Generally, people plan their lives without anticipating a severe personal injury. Unfortunately, most will find themselves the innocent victim of a personal injury at some point in their life, whether it is due to dog bites, a vehicular accident, a swimming or boating accident, sexual abuse, a workplace incident, or various other situations that occur on someone else’s property. The Louis Law Firm helps clients assess the situation, negotiate with insurance companies, and offer representation in court if necessary.

Insurance providers and businesses often attempt to place blame on the victim to avoid paying for lost income or long-term medical expenses. An aggressive attorney will take on the case to ensure victims receive the reimbursement they need to carry on with their lives.

Wrongful Death

In the most severe outcomes, a tragic automobile or workplace accident could result in the victim’s wrongful death. The shocking loss of their friend or family member can be crippling, but loved ones are also left with making important decisions about medical bills, funeral expenses, and perhaps the loss of household income.

Negotiating with insurance companies and other responsible parties is often more than they can deal with during the aftermath. Unfortunately, this often results in hastily-made decisions about settlements that don’t actually meet their financial needs. A sensitive and persistent law firm offers a range of services that are beneficial to families trying to reconcile the life-altering issues they face.

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